Digestion & Immunity

Did you know that  70-80% of your immune system resides in your gut? 

How we feel, both physically and mentally is correlated with the balance of beneficial bacteria in our digestive system.  Cells in the lining of our digestive tract are responsible for excreting large quantities of antibodies supporting our immune system and overall health.

GOOD NEWS! There are plenty of ways to improve digestions and immunity .

The food we eat is also what feeds the balance of bacteria in our digestive system. Feed it well and you have happy healthy good bacteria, feed it poorly and the bad guys start to move in. The balance of good and bad in the gut effects all parts of your well being. If your gut isn't healthy neither are you! 

Digestive imbalances are attributed to allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disease (irritable bowel syndrome, acne, chronic fatigue), mood disorders, dementia, autism, cancer and other seemingly unrelated diseases are often the underlying factor.

So What is the foundation to a healthy gut?

It begins with the food you consume. Fiber-rich vegetables, low sugar fruits, non-gluten grains and legumes offer both soluble and insoluble fiber, both needed for bulk and elimination. Hydration is also key, drinking your minimum 8 glasses of quality water and herbal teas a day keeps the digestive tract hydrated and moving. Essential fatty acids in omega supplements, fish, flax etc... keep the system lubricated. It is a well oiled machine that works how designed when treated with respect.

Consider how important healthy digestion is; everyday you through food down into your belly, your body has to break it down, absorb the nutrients, keep out all the chemicals and toxins and create all the building blocks to sustain your daily activities. It then has to flush out all of the waste and begin again. 

For optimal immunity, healthy detoxification and nourishment, your digestive system must function seamlessly.

  • Reduce Stress, Learn Stress Reduction Techniques (Breathing exercises, coping mechanisms and mindset techniques)
  • Include daily exercise and fresh air
  • Eat wholesome foods, fruits and vegetables
  • Eat wholegrain & alternatives daily
  • Say no to processed & packaged foods
  • Avoid chemicals, preservatives & colours
  • Include fermented, sprouted & probiotic foods
  • Drink plenty of water daily
Laugh, connect, be positive ... Have a healthy mindset!

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